How To Cheat TrueTwit

I recently joined twitter. I know, I'm kinda late.

Now I see that twitter is full of spammers. BIG TIME!

And they sent you automatic Direct Messeges, Automatic replies, etc.

There is this site "TrueTwit" that claims they validate your followers so that they reduce spammers. Well validating followers doesn't have anything to do with reducing spammers.

Anyway, so I start getting these tons of Direct Messeges to "validate" myself. As if once wasn't enough. So they actually are spamming in order to prevent spam. I don't really get how that should make things better.

I look at their site and it turns out that you can register there to not get any more validation requests. BUT! Once you do sing up, you will also be sending validation requests to others. And the viscious circle goes on. It's actually a SPAM site in disguise.

Just like the godaddy sucks post, if you search "truetwit sucks" in google you'll get a few hundred sites of people detesting it.

Just check these out:
TrueTwit is the devil
TrueTwit Reducing Spam? I don't think so
TrueTwit Helping Spammers

To name a few..

So basically, in order to reduce spam for yourself you must become a spammer.. YOURSELF!

On their site they have the PREMIUM versions of TrueTwit. Where you pay $20 per year so that you will not receive any more spam and you won't be sending any.

Now, this is blackmail. It's like paying the terrorists!

They start to bully you and they tell you in order to stop the bullying you must pay!

What a bunch of assholes...

Now, Luckily for you I think I've figured it out how to go againts their system. I have done this and so far I haven't received any more validation requests so I think it works & you'll probably love me for sharing it with you...

Here is what you do:

1. Go to their site

2. Register to their stupid service

3. Accept their stupid terms

4. Accept the application to be connected to your twitter account. Then get redirected back to their site.

5. Wait for their validation email.

6. Since their service is so stupid you'll probably have to request the validation email again. Go to LogIn > Email Issues (small text under the login form) > Resend validation email.

7. Validate your email

8. After you have validated go to twitter Settings > Connections

9. Look for TrueTwit and click Revoke Access

10. (Optional) Laugh like an evil villain. Muhahahahhahaha!

Now after all this you probably shouldn't be getting any more DMs and shouldn't be sending any either. That's if in case they don't see this article and try to fix it.

That's why, if you haven't allready joined my V.I.P. list then DO IT! I can't share all sorts of info like this publicly. In emails there is a little more privacy.

Either way! DON'T GIVE IN! Don't allow them to use you to create even more spammers!

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