Facebook Ads - The Idiot's Gold Rush

Every time there is a potential gold rush hundreds of idiots start running in to get their piece of the pie. They appear from everywhere just like mushrooms after a rainy day.

They don't care if it works or not, what other people say, they just want to try it!

Well most of them will give up when it doesn't work, but some keep trying to discover hidden ways.

And sometimes they may find it...

This is what happened with Google Adwords back in the days. This is what's happening with Facebook Ads now.

Facebook ads are now becomming increasingly popular. The thing is some idiots get it. You sometimes see these kinds of people. Even though they are dumb as fuck or a complete asshole, they somehow managed to make a shitload of money. It's happening now in Facebook Ads

The thing is that sometimes they get that one opportunity where you don't really need to be smart & you don't really need to be nice to make money. That opportunity was back then in the Google Adwords good ol' days, and it's here now with Facebook Ads.

And there will be a whole bunch of idiots & assholes making a killing with this new found traffic source. Because it currently is CHEAP. Dead cheap.

Now, smart, sane people aren't as lucky as idiots. Because they tend to over-analyze things and not take any risks.

That's how it goes. Sometimes intelligence gets in the way of success.

But it doesn't have to be this way. You see, Facebook is getting a ton of traffic right now. And right now, as you're reading this, some idiot that doesn't know what he's doing probably is getting rich. It could be your not-so-bright neighbor. Tommorow you may see him driving a Ferrari out of his garrage. You ask him what's up he says Facebook Ads.

Check out this statictics graphic to see what I'm talking about. Facebook Ads are delivered to over 450 million people.

The thing is Facebook Ads is easy if you know what you're doing. It's so easy even idiots can do it.

But some people will give up because they don't know what they're doing.

And that's what I want to talk to you about. It's about Ryan Deiss's Facebook Ad Power.

What The Heck Is It?

Well to make it simple it's an How To Get Tons Of Traffic Cheap.

I did say Facebook Ads are easy if you know what you're doing. And most people don't. Of course some people figure it out after losing a ton of money, like Ryan Deiss did. But some just give up and watch their neighbor drive a Ferrari through town while they still use a 4-wheeled bicycle because they're afraid of taking risk.

Of course, some people are just smart from the begining and get the proper help. In this case it's Facebook Ad Power by Ryan Deiss. This course... I was blown away.

Absolutely no fluff!

Gives you step by step instructions on Facebook Ads success. It tells you how to think about Facebook Ads and what to have in mind when you create them.

It also shows you great ways to boost conversions for your ads.

Facebook Ads are quite tricky to get accepted. All ads are manually reviewed by a human and if you don't know how to set them up properly you'll get rejected. Get 3 rejects and you're banned away forever from the gold mine rush. Pretty harsh, but that's how Facebook Ads work.

Click here to check out Facebook Ad Power to see what I'm talking about. Ryan explains it in the video.

The thing about this Facebook Ads course is.... well... it cuts through all the bullshit and learning curve and just gives you the facts. It shows you what you need to know and gives you a step by step plan to do it. It makes it so simple that even a idiot can get it right.

Thats why I call this The Idiot's Gold Rush.

Well now it's your turn. I was blown away by this course and it's your turn to be blown away. You'll be able to start setting up your first Facebook Ads campain in a few hours. I rate this 5 stars. Excellent

All the training you need is here. Stop wasting time.

Click here to view a video where Ryan Deiss explains it to you himself.