About Jin Chelan

Internet Marketing Uncensored... huh?

Well... that's what I do!

My name is Jin Chelan and I'm an aspiring internet marketer. I try out different products and tools to help me in internet marketing.

I get down & dirty and give you honest and useful internet marketing advice and reviews.

I'm not going to try to sell you things what you don't need. But I will test out different products and software or services on different areas of internet marketing. I don't want you to buy anything that isn't in the area of internet marketing you're trying to pursue, because that would be useless unless you're trying to expand.

As a beginner it's counter-productive to buy a lot of stuff on different topics. So if you're into affiliate marketing it's of no use for you to buy a course in copywriting. At least not in the beginning, because you may easily get overwhelmed.

So whenever you browse my site please have in mind what area, what goal, you're focusing on. Have a goal in mind to not get easily distracted. It's critical in the beginning to focus on one particular thing. After you get more advanced, and you got used to managing your time and efforts you can invest in improving your skills and then you'll work less for more profits.

For example copywriting can be useful an affiliate once you have a list or have the basics of getting traffic down. You will then be able to promote and convert more with some basic copywriting courses. Once you finished that level you can expand more and try out different things. But stick to one thing at a time until you've mastered it!

I consider myself quite advanced so I try out different things and blend things together but my reviews and advice will be targeted toward the beginner or at least I'll show you how to combine those in case you're trying to pursue more advanced tactics.

Because I'll be getting down & dirty with this I won't be able to post the whole truth uncensored publicly. So if you want everything uncensored join my V.I.P. list.