Hostgator Review - Why The Heck Would You Buy Hosting From Hostgator?

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I didn't know why people kept talking about hostgator. Hostgator this hostgator that, come on, it's just another hosting company right?

I mean I've been using Upo Host for about 3 years and they have great support, great plans, great interface. Great everything!

There are a lot of hosting companies out there, and each of them try out competitive prices, competitive plans, competitive etc. It's great. Competition creates new standards for companies. But why all my internet marketing buddies keep talking about hostgator?

Well... I needed to find out for myself. And I did. The thing is they are the best.

It's as simple as that!

After I've done a little bit of reasherched on my own, and asked more details about people who are using it, I'm convinced. Sure there are many great hosting companies out there. Upo Host is one of them. I've been with them for 3 years and I've only had problem once. One of my auto-blogs was using too much of the CPU limit I was allowed to use, so they shut me down. ALL of my sites. It wasn't a big deal though, I've contacted them and they restored it within 7 minutes. But the sad part is my sites were down for a few hours before I've noticed.

Anyway, Upo Host is a great host and I'd still recommend them...

But damn... that hostgator company really has it going. They have EXCELLENT SUPPORT, excellent uptime, excellent pricing.

Oh My God! Do I need to spell this out for you? G-E-T HOSTGATOR !

Let's be honest here. You can always find some competitive price, a few cents less on their plans, a few more GBs on the traffic offering or a few more standard scripts or something, but let's be real dead honest here. Hostgator is been here for YEARS, and for YEARS internet marketers have been using them with no problems.

Sure maybe you can save a few bucks with some other hosting companies, but come on, if you look in the long run, hostgator beats them all.

And as a internet marketer you NEED a hosting company. They have OVER 2.5 MILLION, that's M-I-L-L-I-O-N websites hosted. Come on, you don't need anything more than that number. And I don't need to convince you, you can just try out a bunch of different ones before you eventually get to hostgator and you'll tell me "Hey Jin, you know you was right about hostgator"

I've done it, I've tested others before I even tested some free ones way before just because I thought I was smarter, just so that I can save a few lousy bucks, but now I know the truth. Hostgator simply murders any competition.

So rather than testing 20 different hosting companies, getting headaches and stress like me, just do the right thing in the begining. G-E-T HOSTGATOR ! Simple as that.

I recommend the Baby Plan at least-. Don't get the hatchling one because you'll only be able to host 1 site and it's pretty useless if you are serious about internet marketing.

Ah, and let's not forget! You can use a cupon codes for discounts. And I have those for you. Use this link for a 20% discount on the initial order. Thats a HUGE DISCOUNT. The cupon code is automaticly inserted by using that link, if not you can type in SPRING (that's the current one at the time I posted this)

Other cupons (same discount) are: JURY or ICEISHOT or MUSICA or BEACH or TWITTER

You might also want to just try the hosting for 1 month. You can get it for ONE CENT for the first month by following this link and entering the cupon code hgc25

But I recommend you just take advantage of the 20% discount since you already know it's the best hosting.

As of my rating. 5 Out of 5 Stars. EXCELENT!

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