Internet Marketing Forums

As a beginner in internet marketing you might think it's a good idea to join an internet marketing forum, start making connections and participate in discussion.

But I'm gonna tell you that, at least as a beginner it's one big mistake, and I'll tell you why in a moment.

You see, people think that yeah I'll be social, I'll get myself known, I'll develop relationships, I'll do this I'll do that. But, man, people fail to realize that they won't do any of those. Not on forums. And certainly not in the begining.

Here is why joining a internet marketing forum is one big mistake:

When you get into internet marketing and you start getting into this "new" world with all kinds of new processes, new ways of viewing things, many steps to do things you will encounter roadblocks along the way. Roadblocks as in the blog isn't installing correctly or not having enough traffic, etc.

And when this happens you start to procrastinate. And as you start to procrastinate the mind starts to find new ways of helping you do that. What better way? You got it! Joining a Forum!

You can literally spend hours and hours there participating in discussions, growing your post counts, doing all sorts of things that seem meaningful and you find yourself two months later with still NO RESULTS in internet marketing. And then you quit and say internet marketing doesn't work. Well, it doesn't work, not if you only spent 5 minutes a day with it and 8 hours chatting away on forums.

Some people even find themselves two years later and still with no results to show for it. Maybe they make some money here and there but nothing lasting, nothing to replace their day job. They made of habit of procrastinating. It's not uncommon to find people on forums with over 2,000 posts and nothing to show for it!

And it's easy! It's very easy to get sucked into these meaningless discussions on forums on who's right and who's wrong who said what and who said when. It's easy to waste time on nothing because the mind wants a way out. It wants to "start tomorrow" or "just after you read this post" just to avoid the work you need to do. The important work that will actually show results.

So unless you're offering services or need some quick advice avoid them. At least in the begining when it's CRUCIAL to get your mind used to working and creating this habbit of getting things done.

And if you are offering services or want advice don't engage in other conversations or go offtopic. Stay focused!

As a beginner you need to let your mind know that you are SERIOUS about making money online and you will actually do the work needed to succeed and not just waste time like 90% other people who call themselves "marketers".

Sure after you've started making nice recurring monthly profits you can start talking to others and making some partners.

But in the beginning you need to install this new habbit of getting things done rather than wasting time.

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